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We love working with founders early in their journey. 

We are typically the first institutional check, and we're convicted, hands-on partners to our founders throughout their lifecycle. 

As specialists, we've built an inter-connected and synergistic portfolio to drive markets as a group.

first investors

We're typically the first institutional investors to the company. 

We like building rapport with our founders and direction of the company early on its journey.


We usually focus on sectors we have considerable resources and expertise in, to best help our portfolio excel.

mvp principle

Hive strives to be the
“Most Valuable Partner to the Most Valued Entrepreneurs”.
As such we only invest in deals in which we can be a significantly valuable resource to the company.


We typically invest from Pre-seed to Series A. 

What that means to us is we like to invest Pre-Revenue, and we don't mind Pre-product either.

ticket size

Our first check to the company is between 100-500K USD.

And we tend to follow on our investments through the company's lifecycle.


We focus on Enterprise Software that could change how future enterprises work, collaborate and deliver.

From Data and AI Infrastructure companies, to Blockchain Applications and Enterprise SaaS.

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