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Data is deep in our DNA. 

It drives how we see the world, and how we view investments.

We seek to share these Perspectives with our community, to drive conversations and distill deeper insights.

the atlas index

The Atlas is an index designed to track publicly listed companies within Hive Ventures' investment scope:
Data, Machine Intelligence and Enterprise Software. 

We believe these sectors have just begun its rise, and this index will serve to chronicle and chart the growth of these sectors.  

Atlas Index.png

sector vs. market

benchmark sector performance against major indices

The State of Taiwan Enterprise AI Report is a research report led by Hive Ventures, and supported by the National Development Council and the Taiwan AI Academy each year, to understand the AI readiness of Taiwan corporates. 

From Data Infrastructure software adoption, to model development and deployment statuses; From achievements to concerns and challenges. 

The report guides us in identifying the opportunities within the Data Infrastructure and Machine Learning applications sectors. 

the state of taiwan enterprise ai report


SOTEA 2022 Cover.png

The Taiwan AI market has been growing tremendously in the past few years, and until now there hasn't been a comprehensive overview of all the stakeholders in it.


As such, Hive has painstakingly curated this Taiwan AI Landscape through various data gathered from multiple channels. This is by no means an exhaustive map of all the stakeholders, and we welcome the community to help us continuously improve it.


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latest perspectives

#Hivetalks is where we share our latest thoughts and observations of the market, while sharing the latest industry buzzwords and trends in bite size chunks.


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