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 OUR community

It takes a village to raise a child. And that's why we've built villages to raise our portfolio.

Our business networks span across corporate partners that matter in each sector of business in Taiwan and other regions.

This network delivers opportunities for our portfolio to work with industry heavyweights, while delivering a mutually beneficial experience to our corporate partners seeking transformation and new opportunities.

These engagements drive partnerships, initial revenues, deal flow, and enhances our portfolio performance, accelerating them to their next phase of growth.

 galaxy summit 

The Galaxy Summit is Hive Venture's annual event aimed at bringing industry leaders from top conglomerates, academia and startups together in dialogue to explore the latest trends, case studies, experiences and successes in technology adoption.


Galaxy Summit 2022 has brought together 40 leading experts in the fields of Private 5G, Data Infrastructure, AI and Blockchain from around the world to share innovative ideas and real-world experiences.

Galaxy Summit 2021 Highlights

Galaxy Summit 2021 Highlights

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