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Over the past few years, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought major adverse impacts to lives and livelihoods across the world and exposed vulnerabilities in the fabric of our organizations. 

Efficient enterprises became brittle at a time when they needed to be resilient;

Rigid at a time when they needed to be flexible. 


As such, we believe the Future Enterprise needs to be an Elastic one. 

One that is resilient; Stays in shape under extreme pressure. 

And one that is flexible; Able to adapt to changes according to the dynamics of its environment. 


Two years into the pandemic, we are entering a new normal. 

We believe enterprises around the world should take this opportunity to prepare themselves for the new business environment ahead. 


This year, Hive Ventures will once again take you across enterprises in Taiwan to see how they have prepared themselves for this new normal over the past year. 


Are you ready? 

SOTEA 2022 Cover Page

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